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Aromatherapy Can Be a Helping Hand in Radiology

by Melissa Vibberts

I recently had my screening mammogram after delaying it a few extra months during the COVID-19 pandemic. I must admit I was a bit anxious despite all the new precautions being taken to keep patients and staff safe.  Driving through the hospital campus, I saw the COVID-19 testing site, my temperature was taken when I arrived […]

Radiologists Explain Why Skin Lesions are Still Problematic in 3D Mammography

by Mary Lang

A common misconception about digital breast tomosysnthesis (DBT), also referred to as 3D mammography, is that whatever is seen on the first five slices is skin-related and most likely benign.   In their paper, “Dermal or Not? The Surprising Question We Find Ourselves Asking in Digital Breast Tomosynthesis,” Dr. Erin Crane and Dr. Erini Makariou relate how they […]

Medical Distancing -The Collateral Damage of the COVID19 Pandemic

by Mary Lang

The problem with pandemics is that other diseases don’t take a back seat to it or go away.  Sadly this fact is coming to light as the medical community estimates that anywhere from one-third to one-half of the 87,000 excess deaths in the U.S. seen in March and April of 2020 were from causes other than COVID-19. […]

The Unavoidable Stress of Prostate Cancer Treatment

by Jonathan McCullough

Stress and anxiety are unavoidable for cancer patients. From diagnosis to treatment to survivorship, patients may experience varying levels of stress. In fact, studies show that up to 49% of patients attending radiation therapy could experience anxiety.  Many experience what is called anticipatory anxiety – anticipating a negative event or outcome, during the early stages of […]

How Much Does Motion Artifact Cost in Advanced Imaging Exams?

by Jonathan McCullough

Artifact is a hurdle imaging departments avoid if possible and for good reason. Artifact could compromise a study, make an accurate diagnosis difficult to obtain, or create the appearance of a false positive.  In a retrospective study, radiologists reviewed 192 clinical MRI examinations performed in a single week at their facility to better understand the […]