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Month: April 2014

Medical Data Management: A brave new world.

by webmaster

Bridging the integration gap within medical data management. By Michael Crosby. For many hospitals or large-scale medical providers, the sheer volume and dispersion of clinical data throughout information technology systems can result in significant negative impact on clinicians, on information technology management, and on patients. Learn how a cutting-edge integrated data solution model promises to […]

Improving the health of PACS

by webmaster

Healthcare organisations and facilities seek to improve the health outlook of their PACS as well as that of their patients. Case Study: Northwest Hospital & Medical Center in Seattle, United States Used with the permission of PACSHealth™. In recent years, medical imaging hospital departments and practices have consistently been shifting from film-based operations to digital […]

Imaging Solutions Wins Case Against Macro Niche, R/Med and Ruthemeyer in U.S. Lawsuit

by webmaster

HOUSTON, TEXAS — On January 17, 2014 healthcare imaging equipment supplier Imaging Solutions won USD $129,607 in damages against Houston-based Macro Niche Software Inc., R/Med., Inc. and the CEO Michael J. Ruthemeyer after a two-day trial before a Houston federal jury. The case involves remaining issues related to damages suffered by Imaging Solutions as a […]

Advanced Clinical MR Prostate Solution Makes Biopsies Less of a Pain in the Backside

by webmaster

Urologists, radiologists and patients benefiting from more targeted interventions. Until recently, urologists and other physicians commonly faced a difficult dilemma that involved patients having both elevated and/or rising prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels and negative TRUS (Transrectal Ultrasonography of the Prostate) guided biopsy results. An alternative MRI-guided biopsy solution – DynaTRIM or Trans-Rectal Interventional MRI – […]

Can you handle the truth about dedicated medical display systems?

by webmaster

Medical display are just good quality consumer displays right? Wrong. Read on to discover 10 good reasons to use a dedicated medical display system over a simple consumer display. Information in this article is taken from Barco’s White Paper 10 Reasons to Use a Medical Display System (2006). For more information on Barco medical displays […]

Patient radiation dose monitoring

by webmaster

New DoseMonitor® software allows real-time dose monitoring with enterprise-level reporting! A long-held medical principle is that a patient should only undergo a examination or procedure when the risk of conducting the examination or procedure is less than the risk of not doing so. Unfortunately, when it comes to medical imaging, an important part of the […]